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Mahila College, Chaibasa is one of the leading institution for women’s education in west singhbhum district. Bachelor of Education was started from the year 2005 in Mahila College, Chaibasa. It leads the way to the prospective women teachers. The B.Ed. Degree course is a full time two-year course. It combines theory and practical’s.  Including curricular and co-curricular activities such as lectures, practice teaching, lesson observation, School internship programme, preparation of instructional materials and teaching aids, project work, fieldtrip, computer programme, Art & Craft Education,  Physical fitness, Emotional health, Social work though N.S.S. are also included for the holistic development of the trainee teachers. The college aims at imparting Quality teacher education to the women trainee teachers.  

Duration/Academic Session:

  1. The Bachelor of Degree progaramme shall be of a minimum duration of 2 academic years consisting of four semesters each of six month duration : Odd semester (July-December) and Even  semester (Jan-June). The programme will include and internship of a   minimum of 20 working weeks shall be in the second year of study.
  2. A Co-ordination Committee shall prepare the Academic Calendar at the beginning of each Academic Year which shall include schedule of academic activities. for a Academic Year. The dates of Registration, Mid-Semester & End- Semester Examinations, Inter Semester Breaks etc. shall be laid down in the Academic Calendar for the Academic year. The Academic Calendar shall strive to provide for a total of about 110 Working Days in each Semester consisting of approximately six months.


a) Intake : There shall be a basic unit of 50students with a maximimum of 2 units.
b) Eligibility :

  1. Candidates with  at least 50% marks either  in the Bachelor’s Degree and/or in the Master’s degree in Science, Social Science, Humanity, Commerce, Bachelor’s. In Engineering or Technology with specialization in Science and Mathematics with 55% marks or any other qualification equivalent there to, are eligible for admission to the programme.
  2. The reservation for SC/ST/OBC and other categories shall be as per the rules of the state Government.

c) Admission :

  1. Admission shall be made on merit, based on marks obtained in the qualifying examination  and/or in the entrance examination or any other selection process as per the policy of the NCTE and State Government. 
  2. Admission to B.Ed. Course will be made in the First Semester of each Session.
  3. All Students admitted to the Course shall be required to pay prescribed tuition & other fee at the time of admission & and at the beginning of each subsequent Semester. prevalent Tuition & other fees as prescribed by the Institute till they are on Roll.
  4. The Institution reserves the right to cancel the admission of any student, & ask him/her to discontinue his/her Studies at any stage of his/her Career on grounds of unsatisfactory Academic performance, irregular Attendance in Classes or Indiscipline.


The medium of instruction shall be English and Hindi both.


  1. The minimum attendance of students shall be 80% of all course work including practicum and 90% for school internship.
  2. If a student represents his/her institution, University State or Nation in Sports, NCC, NSS or Cultural or any other officially sponsored activities, he/she shall be eligible to claim the attendance for the actual number of days participated subject to a maximum of 20 days in a semester based on the specific recommendation of the  Head of the department and principal of the college concerned.
  3. A student who does not satisfy the requirements of attendance shall not be permitted to take appear in the semester end examination.


  1. Conduct of the students within & outside the premises of their institution must be according to rules laid down by the concerned institution.


  1. Every student of the B.Ed course is required to be enroll/register in the beginning of the 1st year of corresponding academic session.
  2. A Student who does not register one the day announced for the purpose may be permitted, in consideration of any compelling reason. Late Registration is allowed within next Three Working Days on payment of a prevalent additional late fine as prescribed by the University. Normally no Late Registration shall be permitted after the Third Working Day from the scheduled date.
    1. To be promoted in the Second Year & continue his/her Study in the Institution at the end of the First Year a Student must obtain at least 27 credits, out of 36 credits.
    2. Only those students will be allowed to appear in the second semester exam who have secured at least 11 credit out of 19 credit.
    3. To obtain a Semester Grade point Average (SGPA) of not lower than 4.0 calculated on the basis of some combination of the best Grades obtained by him/her to attain the minimum 27 Credits.
    4. Before appearing in the final end semester examination a candidate must clear all the back semester paper and obtain 52 credits.
    5. Final result will be declared on the basis of 72 credits (including credits of all four semester and CGPA)
  3. A Grade will be awarded to the Student in a Subject based on his performance in Mid/End-Semester Examinations, Practical Examinations & Internal Assessment through Class Tests, Home Assignments. Marks will be awarded for each component. Grades will be assigned & associated point value will be as follows.
Percentage Marks obtained Performance Letter Grade Point Value Per Credit
>=90 Excellent Es 10
<90 & >=80 Very Good A 9
<80 & >=70 Good B 8
<70 &>=60 Fair C 7
<60 & >=50 Average D 6
<50 & >=40 Pass P 5
<40 Fail F 0

 In order to pass a candidate shall required to obtain 40 % marks in theory and 50% marks in practical examination/ projects/record/internal assessment. Provided that the he had obtain at least 32/16 marks in each theory paper out of full marks of 80/40 respectively. Minimum pass marks must be obtained separately both in theory as well as internal /practical portion.

Failed in one or more Subjects :

If any candidate is failed to obtain required credit & SGPA then he / she will have to appear in all papers in insuring coming examination.

5. A Student who has been debarred from appearing at an Examination either (i) on account of unsatisfactory Attendance or (ii) by the University as a measure of disciplinary action or (ii) for adopting malpractice at en Examination, & consequently awarded a Grade ‘X’ may Re-register for the Subject (s) after the term of the debarment expires. Provided that other provisions of this regulations do not prevent him. 

6. Enrolment / Registration in B.Ed. course is valid only for five academic years. If any student is unable to pass within five years then He / She has to enrolled / re-register for the course  


  1. There   will be continuous assessment  of a Student’s Performance throughout the Semester & Grade will be awarded by the Subject Teacher/ Co-ordination Committee formed for this purpose.
    1. For arriving at a Grade obtained by  the Student out of 100 (Hundred) is to be determined. For Subjects where the Laboratory component (P-component) is non-zero, separate Marks, each out of 100 (Hundred ) in the Theory component (L-& T-components) & the Laboratory component are to be ascertained first. Next the failure cases (viz.., the cases of Student obtaining ‘F’ Grade) are to be determined as explained in Appendix V.A composite Mark for the subject out of 100 is the to be computed by taking appropriate contribution of Theory component & the laboratory component as elucidated in Appendix VI.
    2. Once the Numeric Mark is obtained, the same is to be converted to Letter Grade.
    3. For assigning Marks in Teacher’s Assessment (TA) performance in Home Assignments, Class Tests, Tutorials, Vive-Voce, Atte4ndance etc. are to be considered. At least Two class Tests are to be conducted for a Subject. The Weights of different sub- Componets of TA are to be announced by the Teacher at the beginning of the Semester.
  2. The twenty- week school teaching practice undergone by the Students in the 2nd , 3rd and 4th Semester would be assessed within Five Weeks after the commencement of the fourth Semester. The Students are required to submit a Written Report on the Training received. The Students are also required to submit to the Head of the Department a Completion Certificate in prescribed from the Competent Authority of the organization where the Training was received, without which he/she would not be assessed.
  3. Assessment of project work
    1. Performance in the various activities involved in the Project would be assessed individually at the end of each Semester in which it is being carried out as per the Curriculum. The Student is required to submit a Written Report at the end of the Semester. The Director/Principal in consultation with the Chairman, Academic Affairs/Head of the Department would appoint a Project Evaluation Board for the purpose of assessment. The different Components of Evaluation & the Weights assigned to these Components are depicted below :
    2. Sub Component Weight
      Supervisor’s Assessment 40%
      Record of Teaching Practice (to be assessed by the board ) 20%
      Evaluation Board’s Assessment 40%

Student is required to give a Seminar on the Project Work done. The Evaluation Board would conduct the Viva-Voce. Dates for conducting the Seminar & the Viva-Voce, to be held within Ten Days after the End-Semester Examination, would be announced in the Academic Calendar.

c.  If a Student due to non-completion of the Project Work cannot submit the Final record of Teaching Practice at the end of 2nd 3rd and 4th Semester for B.Ed & does not appear before the Evaluation Board for the Viva- Voce on the date fixed by the Department in conformity with the Academic Calendar, may be granted extension of time not exceeding Two Months on furnishing sufficiently reasonable ground to the satisfaction of Project Evaluation Committee. 

d. The Chairman, Academic Affairs/Head of the Department of Institution would constitute the Viva-voce Board (s) for conducting the comprehensive Viva-Voce Examination as per the requirement of the Curriculum. The Board would decide the relative Weights of the different aspects of the Viva-Voce & decide the Grades to be awarded to the Students. The dates of the Viva-Voce, to be conducted within Ten Days after the previous End-Semester Examination, would be announced in the Academic Calendar. The Viva-Voce Board will include One Exert to be nominated by Dean, Faculty of Education. 


  1. The Examination Section of the University will centrally conduct the odd & Even Semester Examinations in respect of the Theory component of the Subjects unless otherwise permitted.
    1. A Student will be issued an Admit Card for appearing in an Examination, only if he/she has :
      1. Attendance Record to the satisfaction of the Co-ordination Committee in the Theory & Teaching Practice Classes & has completed the Assignment Works given.
      2. Paid all dues of the Semester.
      3. Has not been debarred from appearing in the examination as a result of Disciplinary proceedings.
    2. A Student may be debarred from appearing at the Mid- Semester or End-Semester Examination on the report of a Teacher/Head of Department, if his/her :
      1. Attendance at Lecture/Tutorial/Laboratory Classes has not been satisfactory during the period, and/or,
      2. Performance in the Assignment Works during the Semester has not been satisfactory.
  2. Class Tests, Mid-Semester Examinations, Assignments, Tutorials, Viva-Voce, Laboratory Assignments, etc. Are the constituent components of continuous assessment process,  a Student must fulfill all these requirements as prescribe by the concerned Teacher, Co-ordination Committee. If due to any compelliig reason (Such as his/her illness, calamity in the family, etc.) a Student fails to meet any of the requirements within/on the scheduled date & time, the Teacher/Co-ordination Committee in consultation with the concerned Head of the Department may take such steps (including conduction of Compensatory Tests/Examinations) as are deemed fit.
  3. Students will  be permitted to appear in the Examinations in only those Subjects for which they have Registered at the beginning of the Semester & have not been debarred.
  4. The Final Grades awarded to the Students in a internal assessment must be submitted by the Teacher, within Seven Days from the date of holding the Examination to the Programme Co-ordinator. The programme co-ordinator will submit the marking of internal assessment within 2 days from receiving of the marks from the concerned teachers.
  5. The Evaluation of Performance in the General Proficiency (GP) will be done by the Authoritiess conducting these. The Grades will be communicated to the Course Co-coordinator.
  6. Any change of Grade of a Student in a Subject, consequent upon detection of any genuine error of omission &/or commission on part of the concerned Teacher, must, by approved by & must be forwarded by the Course Co-ordination Committee, within 20 (Twenty) Days from the date of commencement of the next Semester.
  7. For the benefit of & as process of learning by the Students, the Scripts after correction of all Class Tests, Mid-Semester Examinations, Assignments etc. would be shown to the Students to the Students within 4 Weeks from the date of Tests/ Examinations.

Note : Those portion which are not mentioned in this regulation will be guided by existing rule, regulation, statute and Jharkhand Act (Amendment Up to date) .

B.Ed. Fee structure by Kolhan University :

1. Tuition Fee : Rs. 25,000/ per semester (Gen./OBC)
2. College Exam Fee : Rs. 500/- per semester
3. Admission Fee : Rs. 1,500/- (one time at the time of admission)
4. Library Fee : Rs. 800/- (Annual)
5. Activity Fee : Rs. 500/- (Annual)
6. Games & Sports : Rs. 500/- (Annual)
7. Arts/Science/All  Lab Fee : Rs.  500/- (Annual)
8. Work Experience  Fee : Rs.  500/- (Annual)
9. Practical Training Teaching Fee : Rs. 800/- (Annual)
10. Application Fee : Rs.  500/- (Annual)
11. Computer Fee : Rs. 1,500/- (Annual)
12. Development Fee : Rs. 1,500/- (Annual)
13. Maintenance Fee : Rs. 1,500/- (Annual)
14. N.S.S. Fee : Rs. 20/- (Annual)
15. Union Fee : Rs. 20/- (Annual)

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  • Mahila College, Chaibasa is the only female institution of West Singhbhum district in Jharkhand state. It was established on 02nd October, 1969. Soon after the establishment it was declared as deficit Grant College in 1970 by the state government. The college has been included in the list of University Grants commission, New Delhi Under section 2(f)/12(B) of the U.G.C. act. ... read more