Bachelor of Science (General):

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The College is an Constituent college of Kolhan University. It offers B.A/B.Sc courses under the Jharkhand Academic Council. Admission in B.Sc.(General). Course can be taken on the basis of a combination of their academic record/entrance test/interviews depending upon the courses and the availability of seats. The decisions of the admission committee and the Principal will be final. The three year programme leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science (General) . There will be a University Examination at the end of each year. Each part has to be passed by the candidate.


Structure of Courses for Bachelor of Science (General)

DEGREE COURSES General Subjects Language Total Papers
Part 1 3 papers 1 papers 4 papers
Part 2 3 papers 1 papers 4 papers
Part 3 3 paper 1 papers
(Environmental Studies & Ethics)
4 papers


Compulsory Paper - Composition
A) For Hindi students : Hindi 100 marks
B) Non Hindi students : 50 Marks Hindi (National Language) and 50 marks Mil (Bangla/ Urdu/ Oriya/ Alt.Eng./Santhali/ Ho) (Part-I&II) & EVS. (Part-III)


Optional Paper
A candidate for B.Sc. General Examination shall choose any one from group A or B.
Group A – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Group B – Zoology, Botany, Chemistry


Note: A candidate shall choose mathematics if she has passed intermediate of equivalent examination in Physics and Mathematics.


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